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The mission of FYP Consulting is to help dairy farmers create a profitable business with happy people and animals.  We care deeply about the success of dairy farmers, their communities, and the businesses that suport them.  Our sole focus is to help dairy farmers by offering fast answers, insights, and expertise in these key areas:

  • Profitability - thriving, not just surviving
  • People - creating a great environment for family members and employees
  • Public Relations - being a good neighbor
  • Animal Welfare - creating a great place for livestock to thrive
  • Risk Managment - building, not burning equity
Each team member at FYP Consulting has deep commitment and lifetime experience in helping dairy farmers.  Our team's expertise is unusually diverse enabling us to offer broad and comprehensive input.  We've committed to providing unbiased information regardless of dairying method - organic, traditional, non-GMO or GMO - our intrest is in helping the dairy producer thrive.  And we support the farmer's existing business relationships with an "all hands on deck" approach to problem solving.  We're there to enhance their current advisors, not compete.

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