Crop Insurance  07/21/20 1:36:16 PM

AgDairy has a strong team of insurance agents who work with Crop Insurance, Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) Insurance, Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) Insurance and WeatherBill.  Call our team today for free quote, 877-256-3253.


Crop Insurance is a needed and nowadays necessary tool.  Between weather and price volatility, farming is one of the riskiest business ventures in America. Fortunately, farmers have a definite advantage over other businesses through crop and weather related insurance options. Insuring revenue – an option not available to most businesses – is a vital benefit to producers and gives stability to a highly variable business. The benefits are many including reduced risk from poor crop years, greater financial stability, and guaranteed income allowing easier to secure financing.


Livestock Gross Margin Insurance is the newest tool available for dairy and livestock producers, allowing protection of the milk-to-feed ratio. 

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